Project Goals/Expectations

The main goals of this project are for students from around North America to learn about the Native American cultures of their local area and be able to compare that with cultures of other areas. Part of this compare and contrast goal is a special emphasis on understanding how the local environment influenced the diverse native cultures. So, the students should get a sense of their local history as well as their environmental surroundings.

Teachers can set up their pages however they wish but it is hoped that the "home page" for each school or region will discuss the environmental conditions (weather, seasons, landforms, major plants and animals, etc.) that each culture lived in.

Possible topics for sub-pages include:

  • Clothing
  • Food (hunting, fishing, farming, gathering)
  • Housing
  • Art
  • Roles of men, women, and children
  • Ceremonies
  • Transportation
  • Seasonal Life
  • Games, pastimes
  • etc...

Please consider this as a loose guide and feel free to add suggestions or comments. Ultimately, teachers should use this project to meet their own unique goals as they see fit.