These pages will share information about the native tribes that lived in Connecticut, mainly the Pequot and Mohegan. A lot of the information is also true for the Niantic, the Narragansett, and the Wampanoag.

Natural EnvironmentThe lifestyle of the Pequot tribe was adapted to their natural surroundings. They lived in the area now called Connecticut. There are four very different seasons - spring, summer, autumn and winter. Winter can be extremely cold with very little plant life. The summers had long, hot days swarming with life - like birds, deer, rabbit, bear, turkey, and wolves.

The Pequot lived in an area with thick forests of oak and maple. There were many streams, rivers, lakes and marshes. The land where they lived was also right on the coast of the Atlantic ocean, so fish and shell fish were easy to get.
Pequot Hunter

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(Information presented by Mr. Salsich's third grade class in Stonington, CT.)