Women and Children Were in Charge of Cooking

Men - The main jobs of the Native American men were hunting and fishing. They also protected their families. The men built the wigwams and made dugout canoes. It took about a week to make a dug out canoe. They did the trading too. They would trade with other tribes to get special stones for tools or animal skins for clothing.

Women - The main jobs of the Native American women were cooking and gardening. They also collected seeds, nuts, and berries. The women took care of the children and babies.They also made the clothing and the pottery.

Children - The Pequot children helped out with the gardens and cooking and cleaning. The older ones helped take care of children. Boys and girls would go fishing and collect nuts and berries. Some older boys would hunt for squirrels and turkeys.

The children didn't go to school, they learned proper behavior by watching adults. All of the adults would teach them the skills they needed. Babies were encouraged not to cry and all children were taught to be silent. They learned how to walk silently through the woods.

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